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Liquid Fillers

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The most critical choice for a packaging line is the selection of the filler, whether powder or liquid. In the case of liquid fillers, there are many factors to consider in the selection. These include product characteristics (viscosity, volatility, foaminess, etc.), accuracy required, giveaway tolerated, speed required, changeovers and on and on. Fillers are typically inline or rotary and the method of filling varies from simple time/gravity to the more complex and more accurate piston, flow meter, netweigh and other methods. ASYSCO prides itself on representing manufacturers with a wide range of filling technologies and machinery selections. We are confident in our ability to recommend the filler that will meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Packaging Dynamics, Ltd. is celebrating over 25 years as a full service manufacturer of liquid filling machinery. The PDL product line includes fully automatic rotary fillers using pressure fill technology as well as semiautomatic and fully automatic straight line machines utilizing pressure, time/pressure, pressure-gravity-vacuum, peristaltic, gear and piston positive displacement technologies. The company also manufactures portable fillers including bench top and cart models using a variety of filling methods. PDL is capable of supplying completely integrated filling lines as well as individual line components.

Semiautomatic Inline Fillers

Single Head Piston Filler
The portable single head piston filler Model PF-1RV is engineered to provide an economical and convenient way for filling small production runs of thick or thin liquid products with high accuracy. This machine is a pneumatically controlled volumetric piston filler and only requires compressed air. This filler can be used as a bench model or in conjunction with a slide plate, a portable cart, a powered conveyor, additional units or as a fully automatic system.

Portable Cart or Bench Models
The Model SL-4P Liquid Filler is an economical table top fill-to-level system designed for small production runs. It has been engineered for ease of operation with quick change-over features. Its pneumatic design can be used safely in hazardous locations. Mounted on a portable cart, the machine can be moved from place to place to fill conveniently from totes or day tanks. The machine is available in time/gravity as well as overflow models.

Slide Plate Semiautomatic Models
Semi-Automatic “Fill-to-Level” Liquid Filler is an economical machine that is engineered for inline and incase applications. Standard features include stainless steel construction, four foot slide plate, product pump, supply tank and stainless steel contact parts. The operator pushes the manual container stop out, moves the containers to be filled along the slide plate surface into position under the nozzle bar assembly and pushes the manual cycle start button down. The nozzles descend and the fill cycle starts. Upon completion of the fill cycle the nozzle bar automatically returns to the up position. The operator removes the filled containers and replaces them with empty ones. Also included are quick change nozzle and conveyor rail adjustment handles that aid in reducing expensive change over periods. The machine can be supplied also as a time/gravity model.
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Fully Automatic Fillers: Inline and Rotary

Automatic Inline Overflow Fillers
The fill to level liquid filling machine Model SLA is a proven state-of-the-art machine which features Allen Bradley Programmable Logic Controls (PLC) and operator interface. This machine is engineered to have the flexibility to fill containers as small as 2 oz and as large as 2 1/2 gal (F-Style) at rates as high as 80 containers per minute. Standard features include a product pump, reservoir, pressure manifold, AB photo sensors and a variable speed on-board 10 foot conveyor and drive system. Sub-surface fill is available for hard to fill foamy products. Automatic pneumatic cylinders control container flow into and out of the filling station. The SLA’s ease of operation requires minimum change over time and provides years of trouble-free service. The machine is offered also as a time/gravity model.

Automatic Inline Mass Flow Fillers
Packaging Dynamics’ new Mass Flow liquid filler which uses Micro Motion Coriolis flow meter mass technology. The Coriolis flow meters measure mass directly and therefore are insensitive to changes in process conditions or fluid composition. The system meets performance requirements of manufacturers in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. These requirements include accuracy of +/- 0.5%. Product viscosities vary from water to 40,000 CP with particulates. The Coriolis flow meters also allow measurement of density and temperature to keep products within quality specifications. Changing over a piston filler means many hours of dismantling, cleaning and re-assembling before production can continue. The flow meters change over procedures are easy. The operator simply runs clean in place fluid (CIP) through the flow meters and sets a new fill weight. This equipment is available in from single to twelve head models and handles viscosities from water thin to gels and thick creams. Available in semi- and fully-automatic variations, mass flow meters can be used to fill from fractional containers to 55 gallon drums.

Automatic Inline Servo Piston Fillers
The automatic servo-controlled piston filling machine Model SLA-RVP is designed to fill creams & thicker lotions into containers as small as 1/4 oz and as large as 1 gallon. Fill rates can be as high as 200 containers per minute depending on container size and product consistency. Standard equipment includes Allen Bradley (AB) PLC controls, product reservoir, variable speed 10 foot conveyor, (AB) photo-optic sensors, pneumatic container indexing cylinders (or star wheel) for controlling container flow and a “user-friendly” (AB) Panel View Operator Interface. Quick nozzle alignment and conveyor rail adjustment handles provide for a quick and easy change over.

Automatic Inline Gear or Lobe Pump Fillers
The gear or lobe pump liquid filler Model SLA-G delivers an accurate method of filling thin to very viscous products without overflow or volume limitations. An individual servo motor coupled with a gear or lobe pump is mounted behind the machine frame and supplies product to each individual filling head. This allows the machine to fill a large variety of container types from 2 oz. Bottles to 5 gallon pails. Automatic Indexing allows bottles to enter and exit the fill area smoothly. An Allen Bradley PLC and a Panel View operator interface control the independent nozzle time settings. Each filling head can be turned on or off and individually adjusted. With stainless steel construction, Allen Bradley Nema 4 electrics, quick change nozzle handles and variable speed conveyor; the SLA-G provides easy changeover and cleanup between product runs.

Rotary Overflow Fillers – Pressure, Gravity, Vacuum
The Packaging Dynamics fully automatic rotary fillers are engineered for higher speed production requirements. The machines achieve rates as high as 250 per minute for containers ranging as small as 2 oz to as large as 1 1/2 gallons depending on machine frame size, container size and product characteristics. e Packaging Dynamics’ rotary filler can be easily integrated with existing sorting and capping machinery, featuring mechanical inter-locking devices that make operation effortless. Additional mechanical interlocks can be incorporated into the construction to halt machine operation in the rare occurrence of a jam. A newly re-designed drive system allows the machine to run at higher speeds while maintaining a smooth and quiet operation. Standard equipment includes a variable-speed 12-foot conveyor system, product pump and tank. The control package contains a Nema 4 enclosure designed for 230v AC operation that can be washed down easily after each production run. Easy change over and cam adjustments help provide for a minimum of down time.

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For nearly two decades, SureKap has provided quality inline capping and filling machines at an affordable price. The company also offers a range of liquid filling machines utilizing a wide variety of filling methods. The SureKap line of capping machines offers different cap sorting solutions to provide the most reliable method for handling the particular cap. SureKap can provide individual machines or completely integrated lines.

SureKap 6000 Flowmeter Volumetric Liquid Filler

Designed for multiple applications and high speed, our SKF6000 is a fully automatic, volumetric liquid
filler with a mounted PLC keypad for quick and easy adjustments and includes casters on a heavy duty stainless steel frame.

SureKap 5000 Overflow Liquid Filler

Based on a heavy duty stainless steel frame, our automatic level filling machine utilizes the latest technology to
consistently fill to a consistent level every time. You'll find it's another SureKap model built for maximum efficiency and versatility.

SureKap 4000 Semi-Automatic Gravity Liquid Filler

SureKap's semi-automatic, gravity liquid filler features four stainless steel filling heads and has a ten head capacity. The frame is a heavy duty and portable and designed for durability. No change parts drastically reduce the need for maintenance while increasing the productivity and flexibility.

SureKap 1000 Piston Filler

The SureKap piston filling machine is used for multiple applications. The model is extremely versatile and fills many free flowing liquid products.


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The PASE Group designs and builds a wide range of filling machines and ancillary equipment for products requiring a high degree of accuracy in fill weight either due to end use or cost. Offering machines that are typically netweigh, but occasionally volumetric, PASE is heavily involved in the coatings, chemical, insecticide/herbicide and lubricants industries among others. Fills range from quarts to 55 gallon drums and 300 lb. totes and any size in between. Product delivery is typically gravity or pressure depending on product viscosity and production rate required. PASE Group inline netweigh machines often reach or exceed the production rate of far more expensive rotary fillers. To maintain high rates of production and to minimize lost time in changeover, PASE offers filling modules which can be moved to and from the container conveyor so that one module is being cleaned in place while the other is in production. In this way, product or color changeovers can be kept to a very short time. In addition to its standard line of equipment, PASE excels in the design and manufacture of special machines for unique applications. Example of PASE fillers include:

Semiautomatic Fillers for Gallons and Plastic and Metal Pails

For this line of machines, operators are required to place empty containers on weigh cells and initiate the fill cycle. The operator will also normally place the container top in position for automatic closure using a variety of devices. In some models, U-shaped accumulating conveyor is provided so that the filling operator can also perform the palletizing operation.

Fully Automatic Fillers for Pails

PASE has a complete line of machines to fill and close plastic and metal pails from single gallons to six gallons. Multiple filling heads and scales are available for a different production rates. A variety of product fill methods can be employed depending on product viscosity. PASE fillers handle products from thin insecticides to wallboard mud and just about any viscosity in between. Container handling methods include inline, push-over and A/B or dual lane infeed. A wide variety of closure devices are available from roller closers and presses for plastic pails to clinchers for metal pail to automatic Rieke tighteners for jerricans.

Fully Automatic Fillers for Smaller Containers

Containers as small as quarts can be filled on PASE machines when accuracy is of great importance. For the coatings industry, PASE paint lines handle quarts and gallons with models having two to eight fill staions in several different configurations. Closers for metal and plastic paint containers are generally lid droppers and presses. For typical plastic bottles, PASE integrates inline or rotary cappers by others. Fill can be top or sub-surface. Delivery can be gravity, pump or pressure over product.

Semiautomatic and Fully Automatic Drum and Tote Fillers

PASE drum and tote fillers can range semiautomatic single drum on a pallet machines or completely automatic four on a pallet drum (and tote) lines including all the necessary up and downstream ancillary equipment. CIP systems are available for quick changeover of products. Separate fill carts are available to avoid cross-contamination of product or color.

Serac Inc. is an international leader in netweigh filling systems for food, chemical, beverage, pharmaceutical and other applications requiring the highest degree of fill accuracy. From semiautomatic netweigh fillers to completely automatic, high speed monobloc systems, Serac continues to meet marketplace applications with ever improving technology and innovation. Serac's mission is to meet and exceed customer requirements by offering high quality container filling and closing equipment and services at a reasonable price.

Semiautomatic Filling Machines

Serac manufactures single and double head net and gross weight semiautomatic fillers. These machines can fill from 10 to 130 pound weights in a wide variety of containers. The machines have a sanitary design and are easy to disassemble and clean. They are suitable, and widely used, for pharmaceutical and food applications as well as other products requiring very accurate fill weights. Both the single and dual head models can be integrated with a single head chuck capper to provide a small footprint filling line.

Serac Rotary Weigh Filling Machine

Serac rotary netweigh fillers are state of the art machines with the highest standards of design and manufacture and include even aseptic filling systems. Models are available in a variety of frames sizes and numbers of fill heads to provide the operating speed required to meet most customer requirements. Serac fillers include stand-alone rotary fillers as well as mono-bloc systems paired with rotary chuck cappers. Two fillers can be mounted on the frame with a single capper to provide a dual product fill when necessary. Advanced electronics and a sophisticated CIP or SIP system provide quick machine changeovers between products.

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